Crossbeam Tech Ecosystem Maturity Diagnostic

You are a “Supernode”

You are Here


You are Here


You are Here


You are Here


About Supernodes:

Well, well, well. You’ve made it, friend. Supernodes aren’t distinguished by their size (though that helps). A Supernode is a Supernode because it has successfully incorporated partnerships and partner data into nearly every department — and every department benefits.

As a Supernode, partnerships are essential and undeniably traceable to positive business outcomes.

You are the center of your network graph, the first stop for anyone looking to build an integration in your category.

But in SaaS tech ecosystems, the dynamics can change quickly. Staying on top of your game and shoring up your position is paramount.

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Staying On Top As a Supernode

This maturity diagnostic only considers 13 criteria, but our full diagnostic counts more than 23 different measurements in three different categories.

As a Supernode, it can be difficult to evaluate and pivot an already successful partnerships strategy — but there’s still room to grow in some areas of your program. 

Interested in getting the full diagnostic with a member of the Crossbeam insights team? Contact us below and we’ll deliver a totally free detailed assessment. 

Actionable Advice for Supernodes:

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Ecosystem Ops 101: 6 Ways to Drive Efficiency and Maximize the ROI of Your Partner Program

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