Crossbeam Tech Ecosystem Maturity Diagnostic

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About Connectors:

According to our diagnostic, you are in an enviable position. After a long period of experimentation, your partner program has taken shape and is informing your business strategy.

You have repeatable co-selling and co-marketing motions. You have a strong foundation of tools and workflows and can bring on new partners quickly.

There’s a reason we named this stage the “Connector” — you’re providing value to new and existing customers through your growing tech ecosystem and your product is “stickier” than ever. 

This is the sweet spot, my friend. You’re driving results for the business with some room still to grow. If you play your cards right, you’ll be part of the select few tech ecosystems that achieve Supernode status. Are you ready to commit?

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Most Connectors Answer:

You Should...

What best describes your co-marketing workflows?

“Partner data is incorporated in marketing KPIs around attribution and lead generation.”

Reduce friction. Establish templated, automatic co-marketing processes and agreements w/ room for customization for unique partnerships. 

Read how ActiveCampaign rolled out a Supernode-worthy co-marketing campaign.

Do you use a partner ecosystem platform?

“Yes, and we are using real-time CRM data for reporting and data enrichment.”

Send partner data into other parts of your workflow, including sales, marketing, and executive tools. 

Learn how to get second party data into your data warehouse + other tools.

What best describes your co-selling workflows?

“We are beginning to implement scalable workflows that all internal reps can use.”

Push partner data back into your CRM. Create standing meetings to give leads to your sales team.

Learn how Sendoso scaled its c co-selling workflows to close deals 28 days faster.

More Actionable Advice for Connectors:

The Co-Marketing Flip: Get Strategic With Your Partner Marketing Six Months Into the Partnership

Our maturity framework says you should get strategic with your co-marketing efforts (think: flipping from developing integration one-pagers and app marketplace listings to developing events and blog swaps) six months into a given technology partnership.

Partnership KPIs For Marketing, Sales, Customer Success + More

Partnerships officially lay the foundation for most of your business initiatives org-wide. We’ve compiled partnership-related KPIs for every team in your org, so you can establish concrete goals to stretch your team’s investment in partnerships each quarter and year over year.

An Inside Look Into Google and HubSpot's GTM Strategy for Their Ads Integration

You’ve had your share of successful co-marketing campaigns, and now you’re ready to get more creative and collaborate with a supernode. We’ve got the play-by-play for how Google and HubSpot saw a 232% increase in feature adoption just five months post launch.

Convinced you're not a Connector? Browse the other maturity levels to see if there's a better fit: