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About Producers:

Our diagnostic reveals that you are starting to see momentum in your tech ecosystem. However, the workflows are a bit more manual than you’d like, and some of the tools and budget aren’t in place yet.

Producers are a snowball starting to roll downhill. You are in the “proof of concept” phase of your ecosystem. You may do some co-marketing and co-selling, but the processes are ad-hoc and not documented. 

Integrations are still created one at a time and often require significant resources from you and your company.

When you find something that works with a particular partner, you can double down. But in the meantime, you are searching for the elusive answers that lead to growing your tech ecosystem and driving revenue and retention at scale. Soon, you’ll be on solid ground and ready to use your learnings to bring on more partners. 

Here’s how to get there.

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Most Producers Answer:

You Should...

Can you attribute revenue directly to specific partners?

“Leads and opportunities are attributed to partners manually and occasionally.”

Be generous with who gets “credit” for a lead. Start by tracking partner-sourced, not partner-influenced. Set up Chorus or Gong to track partner-related keywords. Create a CRM field for partner attribution.

Read more about common attribution challenges.

Do you use a partner ecosystem platform?

“Yes, but using static data or by uploading spreadsheets.”

Connect your CRM to your PEP and save hours each week — so you can focus on more advanced Ecosystem Ops.

Read how to ditch spreadsheets and embrace real-time partner data.

Do integrations have a measurable impact on reducing churn?

“Yes, but we only know anecdotally.”

Use real-time account mapping to see your customer’s tech stack. Suggest integrations they may have missed and make your product more sticky.

Learn how Rollworks increased renewals by 30%.

More Actionable Advice for Producers:

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